Motorcycle Chain and Sprockets for SHERCO


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    Chain-kit calculator


    Select original Front Sprocket, Rear Sprocket

    Current top speed :

    100 km/h 62.15 mp/h


    Select new Front Sprocket, Rear Sprocket



    Result top speed :

    100 km/h 62.15 mp/h advises : Some chain and sprocket kit models are changed by producers every year. It is important for you to know the year of production of your motorcycle (it is often different from the year pointed in the card of origin since your motorcycle might have been registered one year after the year of its production).

Select the model of your bike to find your kit

Select the interval that corresponds to the cubics of your bike

Cubics Description Year View
50 cc (HRD) 50 TRAIL/SM 2002 Available products
50 cc (HRD) 50 TRAIL/SM 2003 Available products
50 cc (HRD) 50 TRAIL/SM 2004 Available products